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We are here to make your big day into a memory you'll never forget.

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Capturing Your Memories

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As an experienced and awards winning wedding photographer, my team and I have documented a wide variety of events, all in search of that special moment. The perfect day begins with you; your originality, taste, and style inspire everything we do. We will be illustrating your love story through my lenses, providing you with a collection of images that look and feel as authentic as your love. Feel free to get in touch to schedule a consultation and learn more.


Comments on Our Work

Max went the extra mile to make sure that we were happy with the photos and their services. They were very professional and always maintained a high level of energy despite the long day. As the wedding was a whole day affair, there were instances when we simply just wanted to rest and mingle with our guests, but Max pushed us to take some outdoor shots, and it was well worth it as those shots/moments were among the best of our wedding day.”

Samantha & Nicklaus

“Very pleased with the work . Photographer takes time to meet up with you and try to understand your needs and style . Mr Max, a photographer that will go all out to meet your satisfaction. Kudos”

Kelly & Vincent

"I couldn’t thank Max enough for all the effort throughout the whole wedding thing! From the start to the end, we know that we’re in good hands! He made us feel assured! We really appreciate his effort for running up and down with us throughout the wedding, ensuring the best moments are being captured within this lens. We got the photos and couldn’t be happier with the end product! I have no words to describe how much I love our photos! We have gotten so many compliments on them too. He is truly one of a kind, and I am glad We made the decision to engage Max as our photographer! "

Zhen Wei & Samantha



from 35 edited images

From makeup, hairdo, styling to gown selection, everything can be done in just 1 stop with partner bridal studio or simply bring your own gown for a DIY session. Would be happy to offer art direction to your shoot, promising a unique style that stands out and to be uniquely yours.


Wedding Day

10 hrs

It is such privilege to be invited into the newly wed's family to capture the beauty of love.and the harmonies of the family and loved one. With this service, we make sure the wedding is captured in photographs with all the depth, emotion, spontaneity, and beauty that this kind of occasion deserves.


Printed Album

It's the craft that matters

Too many photos to choose from? Not able to lay pictures in a good flow to tell the story? Or simply because you want a keepsake worthy to flaunt and keep for life? Leave it to us, as a storyteller, photographer and a designer we just know how to make it work.

Stories Telling

Limited slots per year.

It is not for everyone but it is for anyone who has a stories to tell. About how they are brought up, how they met each other, the challenges they faced, the uncertainties in their life and when they decided to stay for good and make it work. If I can be a part of your story then let's make stories together.

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